Thursday, 21 January 2010

Times are changing

Over the past year or so some of the smaller stocksites have fallen by the wayside such as Geckostock, Albumo and Lucky Oliver. There is no doubt that the current financial crisis is having an effect on number of downloads. There was a lot of work put in to these sites and it is unfortunate that they make it.

Other sites are have survived by combining or being bought out. What was once
Snapvillage is now VeerMarketplace. Part of a bigger image resource bank. It will be interesting to see how it works in the microstock market in the present climate. Stockxpert another good site for me has been absorbed into Thinkstock a joint venture with Istockphoto. Bigstockphoto has been bought by Shutterstock. There are rumours of other buy outs all the time.

New sites are still cropping up though, the latest of which is Depositphotos. They had a promotion of paying for uploads for a short period and have rapidly accumulated over a Million Images for sale. One to keep an eye to see if the market is recovering.