Monday, 29 January 2007

Tuscany Revisited

It doesn't seem like four years since we had our holiday in Tuscany. It is fresh in my mind today because I relive it regularly thanks to the world of Microstock Photography. Many of my best photographs come from this holiday deep in Chianti country. I regularly find stock suitable pictures in my digital camera archives and I haven't even scanned the film shots yet.

This photograph is one of my best sellers. It was taken during the hottest part of the day when most people were out of the sun. It was difficult to balance the strong contrast at that time of the day and I leaned toward detail in the shadows rather than in the brightly lit street. I think that gives it a lighter feel and you get a sense of the blistering heat. The lady in the distance gives the picture some depth.

Tuscany is one of the most photogenic place I've been to. There is a golden quality to the light that complements the rolling hills and old towns of the region. Although it is a popular tourist destination it is not too difficult to find snapshots of life and tradition.

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